What are electronic cigarettes?

Battery powered devices that deliver nicotine and/or flavours and other chemicals to the user via an aerosol vapour.


What do I need to begin vaping?

There are many different brands, shapes and sizes of e cigarettes. To make it easy for you to get started we have a range of starter kits that include the battery and other required parts. You will also need e-liquid which you can source yourself or find in our online store. Unflavoured nicotine is also available from online shops internationally.


Does vaping feel like smoking?

Assuming you are using nicotine in your e-liquid, vaping is very similar to smoking in terms of your experience. The throat hit most smokers experience when inhaling is almost identical when vaping with nicotine. The flavour will of course be different, but you will be surprised at the similarities when you first try it. This explains the popularity of e cigarettes and the rapid uptake amongst smokers all across the world.


Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

With the price of traditional tobacco cigarettes constantly increasing, vaping and electronic cigarettes provide a cheaper option for Australians. E cigarettes have higher upfront costs but in the long run you will save a significant amount if you switch completely to vaping. Contact us directly if you would like help calculating your predicted savings.


Can vaping help me to quit smoking?

Vaphilia does not sell cessation devices. Vaping is an (superior) alternative to smoking. Using e-liquids enables you to have more control of your nicotine intake, allowing you to reduce or increase your nicotine as you prefer.


What is in e-liquids?

There are three major ingredients in e cigarette liquids (also referred to as e-juice) – Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and flavour concentrates.


Why don’t Vaphilia e-liquids contain nicotine?

Not all e-liquids contain nicotine, nicotine is optional. Nicotine is illegal to sell or supply in Australia. While it is illegal to sell nicotine, according to Australian Federal law it is legal to import up to three months’ worth of nicotine for personal use.

The State laws regarding the possession and use of nicotine differ. Some States ban the possession of nicotine. To find out about the law regarding the possession and use of nicotine in your state contact the relevant state or territory health agency.


What is the difference between first, second, and third generation e cigarettes?

This refers to the evolution in battery technology. First generation e-cigarettes (also referred to as ‘cigalikes’) are the first cigarettes that arrived on the market. They are thin and cylindrical, and look like cigarettes. These tend to be the least effective e-cigs for most people. The batteries are small and do not last long on a single charge.

The second generation ego style batteries are larger and allow for much longer battery life. These e-cigs resemble a pen more than a regular cigarette.

The third generation of batteries allow you to vary the power and voltage to the coil to suit your own taste. These e cigarettes allow you greater control over your vaping experience.

To learn more about first, second and third generation e cigarettes read our E Cigarette Starter Guide Part 2 – Batteries.


Where can I use my electronic cigarette device?

There are currently no laws in Australia prohibiting the use of electronic cigarettes. Legally you can vape anywhere. But please exercise some discretion and politeness. As a general rule of thumb if you can’t smoke it is better not to vape. The exception to this rule is if you have explicit permission – in that case vape away!


How often will I need to charge my e cigarette battery?

This will depend on the product you choose. For example, the Beginner Ego Starter Kit comes with two standard 1100mah ego batteries. This gives you a full 2200mah worth of battery life that will last all day. An average user will get at least ¾ of a day out of a single battery alone.


How long will my Vaphilia order take to arrive?

Orders placed before 12pm will be shipped same day. Domestic shipping is carried out with Australia Post and you are offered two shipping options at the checkout: Parcel Post or Express Post. Parcel post takes 2 or more business days. Express post ensures next business day delivery.