Tips for Keeping Your Mod Clean and Pristine

Posted on September 01, 2016 by Paul McNamara

If you’ve just invested in your first mod, then you’re probably deeply ensconced in the midst of a vape cloud euphoria right now, but in a few weeks’ time, you’re going to notice your mod is looking pretty gunky, and maybe even experience some unpleasant side effects like ‘ghost’ flavours, a burnt taste, a flooded battery, and poor vapour production. The cumulative effect of these things is probably going to take the sheen off your new mod, but you can avoid the whole thing in the first place by following these simple cleaning tips.

Drip tip

There are 20 billion microbes in the average human mouth, so if you’re sucking on your mod several times a day over several weeks, your drip tip is going to become unhygienic, and fast. Drip tips collect all kinds of gross things like saliva, food residue and dead skin, and when this gunk builds up, it can compromise the quality of vapour. The best way to clean your drip tip is to simply remove it and run it under some water and get the gunk off. Do this as needed. I do it maybe once a day or whenever I notice the gunk build-up.


Cleaning the clearomiser is important to ensure quality vapour clouds and unadulterated e juice flavour. Cleaning the clearomiser is a twostep process, the first stage of which involves cleaning the tank to get rid of any gunk. Remove the drip tip, discard any excess e liquid, and then fill the tank up halfway with warm water, before placing your thumb over the opening and shaking it vigorously for a few seconds, then dumping the water out. Repeat this process 4-5 times and if you are dealing with flavour ghosting (getting hints of leftover e juice flavours even after you start using a new flavour), then adding a little lemon juice or clear alcohol like vodka can help neutralise this. Always remove the coil before washing your tank. Never wash the coil as you will ruin it. If you are changing flavours in your tank, then either use the same coil and just wait until the new flavour comes through (about 5 minutes) or change the coil altogether. For myself, as I usually vape similar flavours (dessert) I just use the same coil and wait for the new flavour to come out. But if you are changing to a different flavour profile (e.g. going from a tobacco to fruit) then you might be better off changing the coil as well.


Cleaning the battery is more about maintaining function than hygiene. Poor firing connection is a common issue which can occur when e liquid seeps through onto the top of the 510 pin that connects the battery to the tank. Cleaning your battery and the tank regularly is simple and ensures a strong connection. All you need to do is take a dry cotton cloth and gently clean both connections.

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