Top 4 E Cigarette Etiquette Tips

Posted on March 30, 2016 by Paul McNamara

E cigarettes are still a relatively new phenomenon and in many ways, culture, society and law is still catching up with this practice. To help new e cigarette users gain a better understanding of how to enjoy their hobby without being seen as a social pariah, we’ve come up with four simple etiquette guidelines to keep in mind when out and about with a personal vaporizer.

1. Pick your moment

There is a time and a place to enjoy your e cigarette and you need to learn when it’s okay to have a pull and when your mod is better left in your pocket. It’s completely fine to use an e cigarette in the privacy of your own home and normally it isn’t an issue outdoors where there aren’t too many people around, but think twice before vaping in a crowded area, in a friend’s home or in a private business, as your activity may come across as disrespectful and inconsiderate.

2. Don’t judge other vapers or lecture cigarette smokers

Once you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ll form your own opinions on the best devices to use and will probably also become more informed about the dangers of smoking. Although becoming better educated is a good thing, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to vocalise your opinions about other peoples’ smoking habits. It’s completely fine to have your own opinions about what constitutes the best e cigarette experience, but unless someone asks you, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself and refrain from making judgements about someone else’s personal choices. 

3. Don’t vape where you can’t smoke

While it’s true that technically, vaping is not smoking and therefore it may be legal to vape in areas with a no smoking sign (depending on what state of Australia you are in), you’re not going to make any friends exploiting a loophole about exactly what you’re allowed to exhale in a certain area. Both smoking and vaping can make people feel uncomfortable and at the end of the day, it may be considered disrespectful to vape in an area where a prominently displayed ‘no smoking’ sign is present (it may even be prohibited if you are in a bar or restaurant which does not permit vaping).

4. If in doubt, just ask

Like every other facet of social etiquette, what is appropriate or inappropriate is dictated by context, so it’s always best to ask if you’re unsure about using your e cigarette in a certain area.

In New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory, ACT, Tasmania and Victoria electronic cigarettes haven’t been classified under any tobacco control laws, which means they are still considered a normal consumer product. Since vaping isn’t classed as smoking there’s no law against vaping in public in these states. If you go to a restaurant, pub, bar or café you should check with the business owners if they allow vaping in their establishment.

In Western Australia it is illegal to use e cigarettes anywhere smoking is prohibited. Meanwhile in Queensland the law dictates that vapers are restricted to using e cigarette devices containing nicotine-free e liquid. It’s a good idea to review the current vaping laws for your state or territory by contacting the relevant health agency

For more e cigarette etiquette tips ad information and where it is legal to vape in Australia visit the Vaphilia blog. Once you feel like you are ready to join the friendly community of vapers, shop our extensive range of e cigarettes, e juices and accessories online. 

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