Regulated Mods vs. Mechanical Mods

Posted on March 21, 2016 by Paul McNamara

If you’re new to the world of vaping, two of the most common terms you will come across whilst shopping for products are the terms regulated or box mod and mechanical mod. Understanding these key terms is really important, as all e cigarettes fall into one of these two categories and there are substantial differences between the vaping experiences they offer. In this article, we compare these two mod types according to some of the more common criteria customers have in mind when shopping for a new mod.

First of all, it’s important to understand what both terms actually mean. A mechanical mod is an incredibly simple battery setup with solely mechanical components. Mechanical mods have a battery, as well as a top and bottom cap that makes contact with the positive and negative ends of your battery. A regulated mod has internal circuitry that regulates the voltage and will shut down in the case of battery failure.

Simplicity of use

Regulated mods such as the Eleaf iStick Basic Kit are generally recommended for vaping beginners, as they do not require a knowledge of battery safety and electricity to operate. Mechanical mods are recommended for advanced users only, as they lack an internal processor to regulate an over depleting battery or an electrical short.

Eleaf iStick Basic Kit with GS Air 2

Eleaf iStick Basic Kit with GS Air 2



Because they have less internal parts, mechanical mods tend to be more compact and have a slender, cylindrical design which is easy to fit in your pocket. Regulated mods are generally bulkier to accommodate the internal processor and typically come in a box shape.


The simple fire and conduct design of mechanical mods substantially reduces the likelihood of failure as there are no circuits to fry whereas the more complex electrical design of regulated mods makes them more vulnerable to failure.


The casing of regulated mods is generally made of wood and aluminium which run the risk of physically breaking when dropped. Mechanical mods are usually made of durable metals like stainless steel and brass which are scratch resistant and resistant to physical damage.


Regulated mods come in a wide range of voltage options and power outputs and are also available in variable wattage designs which means you don’t need to rebuild your coils to adjust the vape temperature. None of these options are available for mechanical mods and the power of this mod type is dependent upon its components so there are limits to what it can do.


Mechanical mods only have locking rings as a safety measure and the rest is dependent on the knowledge and building skill of the user so there is a much higher risk of damage of injury. Regulated mods have all sorts of safety measures in place which will stop the product working if there is something wrong.

At the end of the day, choosing whether to vape a regulated or mechanical mod really comes down to personal taste. Whilst some relish the technical aspect of rebuilding their own coils in the mechanical mod to create that perfect inhale, others prefer the prebuilt options that regulated mods offer. Find the best e cigarette to suit your personal taste in our online store.

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