8 Reasons to Love the 220W SMOK H-PRIV TC

Posted on July 13, 2016 by Paul McNamara

This week we take a look at the impressive 220W SMOK H-PRIV TC, a veritable supermodel in the world of mods with plenty of specialty features to back up it’s unique appearance. In this article, we explore eight key reasons why you should add this electronic cigarette to your vaping wish list.

  1. Futuristic design
    The zinc alloy case of the H-Priv mod is unlike any other in it’s class with bold contrasting colours and an ergonomically designed triangular firing bar that gives it a sleek industrial feel.
  1. Variable power settings
    The H-Priv has a ‘power mode’ where the chip remembers 16 different power settings ranging from M1 to M16.  This is ideal for users who like to experiment with different tanks and builds on a regular basis.
  1. Lots of options for a modest price
    The H-Priv packs in a surprising amount of variable features for it’s price range. Aside from the power mode, the H-Priv also has a temp control mode and a wattage mode which each offer five different outputs. The endless variables of the H-Priv means you could spend months trying out every possible combination.
  1. OLED screen on top
    With a top mounted square screen, the H-Priv makes it easy to keep an eye on values and alerts whilst you vape.
  1. 220W maximum
    With a maximum wattage this high, the H-Priv is one of the most powerful mods on the market and can be easily adjusted from 6 to 220W in 1.0 W increments. This is ideal if you want to produce some serious vapour.
  1. Plenty of coil configurations
    There is no shortage of coil options with the H-Priv as in addition to building your own coils, the mod is compatible with Clapton and all temperature sensitive materials.

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