What is Temperature Control Vaping?

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Paul McNamara

One of the latest technological advancements in the vaping world is temperature control functionality.  What exactly does this mean? New e cigarette technology limits the temperature of the coils in your atomiser.

If you are sick of that unpleasant taste you get from a dry hit, tired of burning the wick in your coil and having to replace it or simply do not like hot vapes then Temperature Control Vaping is the answer you have been searching for.

Snow Wolf 200W Temperature Control

No more dry hits

Dry hits occur when the atomiser, or coil, heats up but doesn’t have enough e-juice to produce vapour. This causes the wick to dry out quickly, burning the remaining liquid and producing an unpleasant taste. Temperature Control technology has created a fool proof way of limiting the temperature of the coils preventing burnt wicks or dry hits.

A safer vape

In VV and VW devices, as well as mechanical mods, when you fire it up it continues to accelerate while you are holding down the firing button. This means your coils become hot and then keeps getting hotter, which can cause the coil to dry out and produce what is called dry hits – this produces a very unpleasant taste that you want to avoid. Temperature Control limits the temperature of the coil so that even when dry the coil will not produce dry hits.

Better control of your vaping experience

Another great thing about Temperature Control is that you now have much better control of your vaping experience. Many of us have vaped an e juice flavour that we liked, but thought was just a bit off from the real thing and no matter how you build your coils or change your wattage and voltage, you can’t seem to get the flavour just right. You find yourself turning the temperature up and down until you hit that sweet spot for that particular juice you are using in that particular coil build you’ve got. Temperature Control makes it super easy to fine tune your vape without having to rebuild.

Consistency is the game changer

What sets Temperature Control devices apart from other electronic cigarettes, is that you can deliver a consistent temperature, allowing you to achieve a consistent vape regardless of coil resistance changes. While a variable wattage device gives you a fair amount of control over your vape, it simply isn’t going to cut it if you are a bit of a chain vaper. Temperature Control is a game changer in the vaping industry because it keeps the temperature constant regardless of whether you use a device once an hour or 100 times in an hour. It allows you to have a consistent vaping experience and performs much better than VV/VW while chain vaping.

More efficient and Cost-effective

Not only does temperature control mean you have more control over your vaping experience, it also lets you vape more efficiently and economically. As you are not wasting power by overheating the coils you will get more battery life out of your batteries. Thanks to this improved efficiency of your electronic cigarette device you will also find that your e-liquid goes further too.

Nickel Wire

One important thing to remember when using temperature control e cig devices is that for a temperature control mod to function properly, you need to be using nickel wire. This is because when heated, the resistance of nickel increases at a fixed rate in proportion to its temperature. If you have used variable voltage devices you may have noticed that if you use a high resistance coil with high voltage it burns the wick. This is because the voltage stays the same. With a temperature controlled e cig device, the voltage decreases proportionately as the resistance of the nickel coil increases, thereby maintaining your temperature at or below where you have set it.

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