5 Great Reasons to Stop Smoking and Start Vaping

Posted on September 02, 2015 by Paul McNamara

Here at Vaphilia, we know what it’s like to be a smoker and how hard it is to quit smoking analog (tobacco) cigarettes. There are lots of different methods which can be used effectively to quit smoking and each person has to find what works for them. Here are 5 reasons we love electronic cigarettes and are so glad we kicked smoking to the curb and became part of the vibrant vaping community.

1. No painful nicotine withdrawal

When you switch to e cigarettes you don’t have to struggle with the awful effects of a nicotine withdrawal as you are still satisfying your nicotine craving. You can reduce your nicotine intake if you wish but you won’t have to go through the potentially intense suffering which can result from going cold turkey. Another benefit of this is that people close to you also don’t have to deal with your irritable, snappy mood while you are making the transition.

2. No second hand smoke

Your partner, family, and colleagues will be happy to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with you now that they don’t have to be subjected to your second-hand smoke every time you light up. Your family or housemates at home will also be overjoyed that you won’t be stinking up the house, furniture and carpet with cigarette smoke.

3. You will smell great!

E cigs don’t have emit the offensive odour that is associated with traditional cigarettes. You may smell the sweet aromas of delightful e liquids such as Butterscotch and French Toast as you puff on your e cig but the scent won’t linger and that means no one else can be annoyed by your flavour choice or habit!

4. You won’t have to brave the outdoors in Winter

One of the worst things about being a smoker these days is that you have to constantly duck outside if you want to have a ciggy. This can be really inconvenient and alienating if you are out on a dinner date or if you are having a team lunch with your work mates. You can vape almost anywhere as e cigarettes don’t produce second hand smoke or off-putting smells. You will no longer have to brave the freezing cold or sweltering heat outside your office when you go for a smoke break or outside restaurants and bars when you go out with friends.

5. E cigarettes are more eco-friendly

Litter caused by cigarette butts and discarded cigarettes has a major negative impact on the environment. Cigarettes pollute the air and cigarette butts lying in our streets and gutters get washed into our waterways and end up posing a threat to our marine life. What’s more, every year nearly 600 million trees are cut down to provide fuel to dry tobacco. If you love green living, vaping offers a much more environmentally friendly alternative.

If you are still unsure whether it’s the right option for you, have a chat with our friendly staff – we will be happy to share our experiences with you and answer and burning questions you may have.

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