6 Vape Bloggers You Need to Know About

Posted on July 08, 2016 by Paul McNamara

One of the great pleasures of taking up the e cigarette lifestyle is the sense of community that comes with it. If you’re just starting out as an e cigarette user, it’s well worth tapping into the knowledge of this passionate community to get information and support. In this article, we list five of the best e cigarette bloggers online.

Grimm Green

One of the most prominent and popular vape reviewers on the internet, Nick’s YouTube videos regularly receives hundreds of thousands of hits and are a go to resource for beginner and advanced users alike. On this site you can expect to find light-hearted yet through mod reviews told from a user’s perspective, as well as plenty of engaging content discussing current e cigarette news, advocacy issues, and legislation.

Taste Your Juice

Phil Busardo is the other heavyweight reviewer that many in the e cigarette community turn to for comprehensive reviews that don’t beat around the bush. Whilst exploring this site, you’ll be able to find detailed breakdowns of the latest mods, coils, tanks, e liquids and mechanicals as well as tutorials, user resources, and a beginners’ guide. If ever there was an encyclopaedia of vaping, Pbusardo’s blog would be it.


Although it’s less professional looking, Kezygirl’s blog offers a warmth and personal touch that the other blogs on this list simply do not. A passionate veteran of the e cigarette community Kezygirl is also one of only a handful of female vape bloggers who play a prominent role in the community. On her blog you’ll find reviews, medical research discussions, and information on the latest e cigarette technology.

Ecig Advanced

Klaus Kneale is part blogger, part reviewer, and part e cigarette advocate. His site is the place to go if you want vaping news from around the world, and join in on an educational discussion about the latest research and legislation.

The Exit Door Leads In

The poster girl for e cigarette users in the UK, Lorien Jollye eloquently articulates the challenges of switching from smoking to vaping, and is very vocal about the stigma surrounding tobacco use.  

Dick Puddlecote

Puddlecote pulls no punches when it comes to criticising the politics and cultural attitudes surrounding vapourisers and there is something genuinely refreshing about their honesty. On this blog you will find insightful breakdowns of the latest developments in e cigarette legislation and strong criticism of the ‘nanny state’ attitude which leads many governments to restrict the civil liberties of their people. 

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