Posted on August 11, 2015 by Paul McNamara

Since e cigarettes arrived on the Australian market anti-smoking activists and health groups & associations have been calling on vaping to be banned based on the premise that vaping leads to smoking. However, there is significant recent research which suggests that the fear of e-cigarettes as a possible gateway to cigarettes is largely unwarranted.

If vaping does ultimately lead to smoking, one would expect to see a rise in cigarette smoking as the number of vapers increases in the population. This trend is not being witnessed. Smoking rates are continuing to decline in Australia. Cigarette smoking by young people is the primary cause of smoking by adults.

A survey conducted in 2014 the United States found that smoking was declining among teenagers even as vaping continued to rise . Another study conducted by the American Heart Association concluded that the use of e-cigarettes may well be an effective alternate smoking cessation method.

Recent research performed by ACU’s Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research and the University of Melbourne found that among 1,242 smokers, 18% reported that they gave up smoking by using e-cigarettes for a minimum period of six months.

Data from these studies like these conducted both here and overseas suggest that e-cigarettes are unlikely to make a major direct contribution to nicotine-addition.

Furthermore, a recent study from Italy suggests that smokers who visit vape shops have the best results yet with a whopping 40% smoking abstinence after 12 months. Whilst these studies are not conclusive they do demonstrate the enormous potential of electronic cigarettes to completely replace the conventional tobacco cigarette.

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