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You will often hear people refer to first, second and third generation e cigarettes. This refers to the evolution in battery technology. This is somewhat arbitrary as the coils are really more important in determining the quality of vape. A good coil on even the most basic battery will give you a good vape, whereas a bad coil on the most advanced battery will not give you anything other than a bad vape. Nonetheless let’s take a look at some of the different batteries available to e cigarette users. First up is the first generation type batteries: these are easy to tell they look like cigarettes (hence the name cigalikes):

These were the first ecigarettes to hit the market way back around 2007. These are generally the least effective ecigarettes for most people. Although for light smokers they may well be sufficient, for most, their limitations become quickly apparent. The batteries are small and do not last long on a single charge. The atomizer (the filter part) holds little juice, requiring you to either refill constantly or buy replacements on a regular basis. It was as a consequence of these and other limitations that people started fiddling with these devices to see whether they could be improved on. This has led to an absolute profusion of different battery types on the market today. But the first and most important development came with the second generation ego style battery:

These larger batteries allow for much longer battery life, as well as providing the base for the invention of today’s clearomizers and much else besides. In general these batteries are an excellent starting point for most beginners, so long as you remember to pair them with a good quality clearomizer (for information on clearomizers see  here). The E Cigarette Beginner Starter Kit available at Vaphilia for instance uses two 1100mah ego batteries with two Aspire BVC clearomizers which produce an excellent quality vape at a budget price. Most beginners will find themselves well satisfied with even this most basic starter kit – remembering of course that it is the clearomizer (more specifically the coil) that is most determining of a good quality vape.The third generation of batteries allow you to vary the power and voltage to the coil to suit your own taste. A basic ego battery uses a 3.7 volt battery that delivers a constant 3.7 volts throughout the battery charge. The more advanced batteries allow you to vary the volts delivered to the coils. An ego twist for instance allows you to set the voltage anywhere between 3.2 – 4.8 volts. They look like this:

They have a twist function at the bottom which allows you to set the volts to your preferred setting – hence the name ‘ego twist’. The reason people like these and other more advanced batteries is that it allows the user greater control over the type of vape one prefers. More power delivered to the coil creates a warmer vape with increased flavour as well as vapour. Not everyone prefers a warmer vape, so it’s really just a matter of subjective taste and preference whether you progress to the more advanced and more expensive devices. Most people could quite easily be satisfied with even the most basic ego kit I have for sale here. Anyway below is a short description and comparison of the various starter kits I currently offer.

The eRoll by Joyetech - http://vaphilia.com.au/the-joyetech-eroll/

The eRoll is a small cigalike type device most suited to light smokers (10 or less cigarettes a day). Unlike the earliest cigalike devices the eRoll comes with its own portable charging case that greatly increases the battery life available. The eRoll itself has an 180mah battery which would last around 1hr on its own, but paired with a very convenient portable charging case that has a 1100mah battery, can last a light smoker a full day.


Beginner eGo Starter Kit - http://vaphilia.com.au/beginner-ego-starter-kit/

The beginner kit comes with two standard 1100mah ego batteries. This gives you a full 2200mah worth of battery life that will last all day. An average user will get at least ¾ of a day out of a single battery alone. Paired with two Aspire BVC clearomizers this is a very simple easy to use and affordable option that will satisfy most beginners.

Premium eGo Starter Kit - http://vaphilia.com.au/premium-ego-starter-kit/

The premium kit comes with two 1000mah ego twist batteries that allow you to adjust the voltage to your preference. This kit is another excellent starting point for the beginner that wants a little more room to custom his/her vape to taste. Comes with two Aspire BVC clearomizers.

Emow Starter Kit - http://vaphilia.com.au/emow-starter-kit/

Basically just a bigger eGo style battery. Comes with 1300mah battery life which will last many people the whole day. It also has three different voltage settings that are accessed by pressing the button three times in succession: 3.7, 4.2, 4.8V. This one is made by Kangertech so comes with the Kanger clearomizers using the Kanger coils.

Emow Mega Starter Kit - http://vaphilia.com.au/emow-mega-starter-kit/

Same as the Emow but with a larger 1600mah battery. It also has the twist function at the bottom which allows you set the voltage anywhere between 3.2 – 4.8V. Given its larger size it also means the clearomizer holds more juice which means less refilling. A very popular choice amongst many beginners.

The iStick Starter Kit - http://vaphilia.com.au/istick-k1-starter-kit/

This is the best and most advanced starter kit I offer, but is really quite simple to operate. It comes with a 2200mah battery that will last all day and then some. It is both a variable voltage as well as variable wattage device. But you really don’t need to understand that much to operate this, basically you just set it to taste much like you would do with an ego twist. The biggest difference is that its range of voltage is 3 – 5.5V. For a beginner this is more power than you probably need at this stage but the advantage is that this is a device that you can grow with. Even an experienced vaper like myself uses the iStick on an everyday basis, so this is a device that is likely to prove it worth over the long run. With two Aspire BVC clearomizers thrown in this is about as good as it gets for a beginner. 

The eGrip by Joyetech - http://vaphilia.com.au/joyetech-egrip/

This is the latest starter kit on the market that can, and indeed is used, by both beginners and experienced users alike. It is about the same size as the iStick but unlike the iStick comes with a clearomizer (tank) built into the mod. It has a max of 20w of power and 1500mAh battery life. Like the iStick it is very simple to use and awfully small. Believe me this device is tiny, smaller than a pack of cigarettes it will easily disappear into a shirt pocket. Many beginners are not comfortable with box type mods, but you will be surprised at how small and discreet this device is.

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