What is the difference between a Doubler and Ready to Vape (RTV)?

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A doubler is mixed with double the flavour strength of Ready to Vape (RTV) and comes in a bottle half full. So, for example a 25ml doubler comes in a 50ml bottle and a 50ml doubler will come in a 100ml bottle etc. RTV's comes full, so a 100ml RTV will come in a 100ml bottle etc.

Why should you buy a doubler?

  1. To mix with unflavoured nicotine.
  2. To mix your own PG/VG ratio to your liking. All MBV juices, both Doublers and RTV’s come mixed with a 50/50 ratio of PG/VG. Buying a doubler allows you to mix a higher VG or PG ratio. So, if you want to vape 75% VG blend, all you need to do is add an equal amount of VG to the bottle. For example, for a 50ml doubler (flavoured at double the flavour strength) add a further 50ml of VG to arrive at a 75% blend of VG.

Why should you buy Ready to Vape (RTV)?

  1. You want to vape zero nicotine.
  2. You have high strength unflavoured nicotine base and only want to vape at low strength. For instance, let’s say you have 100mg strength nicotine and only want to vape at 3mg. If you buy a 50ml RTV you would only need to add 1.5ml of the nicotine to achieve 3mg strength. If you buy a 100ml RTV you would only need to add 3ml of nicotine. Essentially, if you have high strength unflavoured nicotine base it is much more cost effective to buy RTV’s. The flavour will not be diminished to any appreciable extent.

Additional Notes.

  1. VG tends to mellow both the flavour and throat hit but increase vapor production.
  2. PG increases flavour and throat hit but diminishes vapour production.
  3. A 50/50 blend of PG/VG is an ideal blend that works well in most tanks on the market today.

For further information please read: http://www.vaphilia.com.au/blogs/news/56003715-e-cigarette-starter-guide-part-3-ejuice

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September 07, 2019

Hi there .. I have bought a 100 ml of eliquid 70vg/30pg .. I have 100ml of 24 mg of nicotine
How much of the nicotine do I add to 50 ml of the 70/30 eliquid to make it like 12 mg nicotine strength ?? To vape
Thanks Irene

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